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French Romanian Dictionary


French Romanian Dictionary is very simple, easy to use and comprehensive.It contains thousands of words.Allows translation from French to Romanian and from Romanian to French.The database is stored in your phone or tablet, no internet connection is needed (there is an offline database).It is possible to search for words using or not diacritics. For instance, to find the word "élève", the user can write "eleve", "elève" or "éleve".Tapping the results, the French fragments are read by a voice found in your phone to hear their pronunciation (the voice can be changed in Settings).Tapping long the results, a context menu appears.In this context menu you can choose to add a result into a vocabulary, to hear the English part pronounced by a voice, to hear the word spelled by the same voice, to copy the result into clipboard. My vocabulary moduleThis is a module which allows you to add individual words and their explanations into a separate database. The first option in the context menu which appears after a long tap on a result is Add to My vocabulary. It is possible to add into an existing section or to create a new one.In the main window of My vocabulary module there is possible to view results by sections, to add, edit or delete individual records or an entire section and other useful options.The sections can be exported or imported.There are also predefined sections like Animals, Colors, Family which can be imported.
Options and SettingsThere are many options which can be enabled or disabled in settings:- Change search mode, all occurrences or full words only;- choose a prefered French voice variant (like France, Belgium, Canada etc.);- Keep screen awake;- Play sounds for some events;- Shake device for a new search;- Choose text size.
Premium VersionThere is a Premium version which removes the ads, this way the application works better.Go in main menu of the dictionary and choose Premium version to make the purchase. Paying a small among, the Premium version will be available forever, even after a re-installation of the dictionary.The payed version is available for all devices signed-in with the same Google account.If a payment isn't possible via Google tools, you can ask for a key for manual activation of Premium version which can be inserted in the search field of the dictionary. To obtain such a key, send an E-mail to the developer.